Using your computer, create your Title page first and save this file.  You will return to it later.  It is the first page of your research paper!

What does a Title page look like?

Click here to see a sample title page.

An APA style title page should contain the following information and set-up:

  • Header
  • Running head
  • Title
  • Author
  • Affiliation

How to set it up on the page:

Header - The title page and every subsequent page must have a one or two word header followed by a page number. The header should be one-half inch from the top of the page on the right hand side.

Running Head - This is a short phrase that contains the main variables or point of your paper. The running head is to be typed in capital letters and should be one inch from the top of the page.

Title - The title of your paper must contain the variables that you are presenting in your paper and should describe the relationship or hypothesis you will be presenting. The title is centered in the middle of the page five spaces below the running head.

Author - Your name should be typed below the title and centered just as the title is in the middle of the page double spaced below the title.

Affiliation - The name of your school, institution or employer should be centered and typed below your name.

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